Monday, December 22, 2008

7 Months

Wowsers! you'd think we were in an Indy 500 car race. The time is zooming by so fast, and Camden is already 7 months old. So Buddy! what have you accomplished in the last month. Let's just say, more then I have accomplished in a year.

Advancements in food:

  • Bottles alone were not cutting it. We had to up the antsy and dive into real foods
  • We started by mixing applesauce into your oatmeal, Yum! apples and oatmeal are my favorite too.
  • soon you were gulping up, bananas, peaches, pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, and the occasional prune. They say you are only supposed to introduce one new food every two weeks. Sorry little man! I am much too impatient for such nonsense, and I must add, so are you. You took to eating a variety of food, like a fish to water.
  • It wasn't long before you decided to try a few crackers, and bread. No allergies yet! I am knocking on wood as we speak.


  • You are a hoot. You love to laugh and do it often.
  • You love to pretend to be shy. I'm not complaining. I love it when you snuggle your little face into my shoulder. The best part is, we discovered that if we hand you off to someone else, you really don't fuss. Hence the phrase "pretend to be shy".
  • You continue to sing yourself to sleep. I don't know what you are saying, but keep it up buddy. Whatever song it is that you hum to yourself each nap, and night time is working.
  • Now when you get angry, or just want someone to pay attention to you, you throw your arms to the side, lean back and grunt. At first we thought this was a new way to go to the bathroom. Nope! you want someone to look at you and we usually do. The best part, when we do look. you give us a huge smile and start to laugh.

Physical Strengths:
  • AND HE'S OFF! you are mobile. You may not have the crawling thing completely down, but you certainly get around. Rolling is still you strong suit. you roll everywhere. However, in the last week you have begun to army crawl. Strong arms and one strong leg push you around the floor with ease.
  • You still love to sit up and play with your toys. you have become such a pro, that we did away with baby tubs and sink baths, and you now rock out in a full size tub. Splash away monkey!
  • You have great dexterity in your fingers. You are already mastering picking things up with your thumb and pointer finger. Your favorite thing to pick, Rice Krispy cereal.

( driving a car is so much work )
Favorite Songs:
  • A big Hello
  • Icka Dicky Do
  • Tiny Turtle

Favorite Books:

  • If you were my Bear Cub
  • Touch and Feel Animals

I haven't weighed or measured you since your sixth month check-up. But I do know that I had to pack away 3/4 of your clothes because they were too small, and my arms are getting tired more quickly now days, when holding you. Camden you are my sunshine. Thanks for bringing joy to our family.


QnA Drapers said...

What fun new pictures of your family! We hear there is LOTS of snow in your neck of the woods! Your kids are adorable- hope you have a great Christmas!

Krista said...

awww ... I love the picture of him with that little hat on, totally cute.
They do grow at amazing speeds, don't they? Not that I am complaining!

Heather said...

Ah man, asleep at the wheel! hehe!
That little guy is such a wonder. He must get it from his mom (although is dad is pretty great too!).

Dawn Walterscheid said...

Ok I now know why I live in Phoenix. I would freeze and die in the snow. Just looking at your photos I had to turn on the heat. Your little boy is just to cute. My Aiden and him are just a few weeks apart. I just love this age everything is new to them like when they discover that they have hands.

Kirsten said...

he is SOOO stinkin' cute! Wish we could see him! Have a great "White" Christmas!