Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow! The finale

This is my final entry about the great Northwest Snowfall of 2008. Even I am tiring of reading about it and writing about it. It has been exciting, and unexpected for this area. It has made me long for the comforts of my parents home, where we usually witness such whiteness. And it has flooded my memory with times of childhood bliss. I only hope that this White Christmas will cement fond memories for my kids.

It snowed the entire day Saturday and into the night. Our poor little car was buried. Only his shiny tires and tip of his nose remained.

While we slept, the snow turned to freeze rain, creating a centimeter thick layer of ice on top of the mounds of snow. It took great effort to break through the ice to measure the depth of snow. You can see the shards of broken ice lying on top.

Our little kids picnic table looks so fragile amongst the blanket of snow.

Our BBQ had a cover on it. However, during one of the evenings the wind was so forceful that it tore the cover off, and left the BBQ to freeze.

Our other picnic table created levels of drifts.


Krista said...

Even looking at that makes me shiver. Brrrr ...
Is Alyssa in 2nd or 3rd grade? Rhiannon and I are having a discussion about baptism, age, ect. I think she should be in third ... but I may be wrong

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I finally found a way to contact you. Cute blog! I sent an e-mail but don't know if the address is still good. Give me a call, if I'm not home leave your phone number for me.

Sally said...

That last anonymous comment and this one was from me, Sally Dutton. My new e-mail address is really simple

The Bui's said...

She's in the 3rd. have you not recieved our christmas news letter? it's in there.
baptism how fun!