Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Hunt

Traditions run deep in my family. Some traditions are built around talent sharing, others simply revolve around food. But my favorite traditions come in the form of games, particularly made up games. As kids my sister Colleen and I would spend hours hiding things in the Christmas tree. we would take turns hiding and finding nonsense items found around the house, a festive version of hide and seek. The other night, my own little monkey's were complaining that they were bored. All our games were old and lame and they had nothing to do. In pops my childhood memories and voila! a new favorite has emerged. Now MY kids are spending hours hiding and seeking in the Christmas tree.

The item of choice: a green ,foam Rhombus. I know what your thinking, that looks like a diamond. But no, no, I was corrected, it is a Rhombus. I love that they chose green just to make things a little more difficult.

Peyton is usually the first to search.

Doesn't it blend in nicely with the tree. I'm surprised they ever find it.

It's a good thing I'm not anal about people touching the tree.


Heather said...

How fun!
We usually hide a pickle in the tree, but that's a one time thing for Christmas morning and it's a blown glass ornament to boot.
Not nearly as much fun or as kid friendly.

Now you've made me think about FHE activities. Have everyone write (or draw) something kind about another member of hte family, label it with their name, and hide it in the tree... hmmm...
Dang. I need kids. Wanna loan me some? =) The dogs just never seem to have patience with my schemes. LOL

Dawn Walterscheid said...

What a very cute idea. But I am very protective of my tree so we will not be playing that game. lol My kids always like to hear stories about the different ornaments on the tree. I get them each a new ornament every year that represents something that has happened to them that year. They just love it and I love it because I get to remember why I picked that ornament for them.

The Hadley Family said...

I loved your post. Jason and Marissa still do a "tree hunt" every year. This is something they came up with on their own. They hide the craziest things, even Lego's.