Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I love watching the quiet moments when Chet gets the opportunity to be a terrific dad. Earlier in the evening Peyton chose to do his assigned class reading with his dad. I wasn't smart enough to snap a picture, but I wasn't going to let that moment slip pass me twice.

Upon emerging from the shower last night, I found Chet curled up on the bed with Camden doing a little male bonding and beneficial reading. Camden was squealing with delight and I could see the glow of pride and love beaming from Chet's eyes. Families are forever. We sure wouldn't mind have this kind of quality time together throughout eternity.

Notice how Camden is clutching the T.V remote. He was just getting prepared in case the story got too dull.

The book proved to be the winner. The remote was abandoned, and page turning took its place.

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