Sunday, December 14, 2008

fluff and stuff

WARNING!!! All Oregonians who may read this entry, have the possibility of being offended.
Isn't it beautiful? We have snow here in the Great North West and I am reveling in it. As you can see, there isn't much. A nice pile of fluff has graced us with it's presence. I am always humored by the build up such an event. The news preps us for days. Giving us ample warning to gather food from the store and get our tire chains ready. They are very thorough. I always giggle a little, knowing that school will be canceled, and yes Church was canceled today.

I become some what of a snob. "I can't believe they are making such a big deal about this." Having lived in snow ridden areas most of my life, I aim to be quite the professional on the subject. This has come back to bite me several times.

  1. I quickly discovered that Oregon snow is much different then Idaho or Southern Alberta snow. Oregon snow is much wetter, colder, and perilous. Humidity is a bummer in Wintry conditions.
  2. ICE, ICE, AND MORE ICE, Nuff said!
  3. They simply do not have the machines necessary to take care of snowy, icy roads here. Therefore the roads remain an ice rink and accidents are inevitable.
  4. The majority of people are not schooled in the art of snow driving. I am confident in my abilities ( which does not guarantee anything), not so confident in the abilities of those around me.
  5. The PANIC MENTALITY. Everyone is in such a huff to re stalk there food, etc.... that it feels like Black Friday all over again. All courtesy goes out the door.

For all my huff and grumble that such little flakes could cause such huge grief, there is one thing I am sure of. I am grateful that schools, and church see the potential for danger and choose to protect my family, rather then take a risk. I may mock the chaos, but I am content to enjoy what snow comes my way, and take comfort knowing my family is safe and warm at home.


Heather said...
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Krista said...
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The Hadley Family said...

Oh Nancy, isn't this weather fun?!?! That's funny that Peyton had the plastic bag feet too. Rebecca could have cared less- she just wanted to play out. I guess I can appreciate where some of you more seasoned folks come from about the weather panic here, however, I grew up in Arkansas and I love the snow so much I have been known to get up in the middle of the night just to peek out the window. :D

Michelle Rowe said...

I love it when it snows here. Instead of going to visit somewhere with snow, it comes to us!
You're right about the news preparing us, I went to Winco on Saturday (along with everyone else) so we don't need to go anywhere for at least a week. We get to enjoy a whole lot of "Nothing Days".

Jasmine said...

I'll take the dry, COLD snow over the wet, heavy snow any day! I'm glad you stopped in at my blog. I've added a link you your blog on mine...hope that is OK. Are you coming up to visit anytime soon?

Sally and Brian said...

I have family in Oregon and I've heard all about the snow storms out there. It's such a crazy idea to me that there are no snow plows. It's sad how it totally shuts down the city too. Glad your kids are enjoying it!